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Our expert nail technicians will perform the manicure which consists of a soak, cut, file & shape, in-depth cuticle work, hand massage, moisturize and polish - 45min.

Shellac express is a file and paint. This is when the nails are filed into shape and then shellac base coat, two shellac coats of colour and shellac topcoat are applied - 30min.

Shellac manicure consists of file, shape, buff, cuticle cream application and soak, cuticle remover applied and then excess cuticle removed. Hand mask applied followed by a hand and arm massage and then basecoat, 2 coats of colour and topcoat of shellac applied - 60min.

Treatment & Pricing
Manicure - £30
French manicure - £40
Shellac manicure - £40
Shellac removal and shellac express - £30
Shellac express - £25
Shellac removal - £10
Hand Spa with moisturizing paraffin treatment - £30 (Manicure not included)


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