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It Is Time For Shining Up With AquaShine!
In some cases out skin needs a sparkle. Regular dermal care, in some cases, peeling and vitamin support these impacts can be minimised. At the same time, by accurate supporting treatments our skin may earn much more vivid appearance.

What Is AquaShine?
AquaShine; formulated by hyaluronic acid, vitamin, amino acid and antioxidant and antioxidant containing blend. Its most significant content as a result of hyaluronic acid content balancing our skin’s humidity balance and antioxidant content leads to creating the sparkling appearance.

AquaShine throughout injection applied subcutaneously. From the onset of its delivery, our skin starts up sparkling. Principally, skin softens due to humidification. Also by antioxidant and vitamin addition, much more shining skin form is created.

How AquaShine Is Applied?AquaShine therapy is a type of mesotherapy method. Before the application of that therapy from the injection points to block pain feeling approximately around 15 or 20 minutes local anaesthetic cream is penetrated over the skin and left to rest. After it, the skin is sterilized and injection starts up in association with ice support. Specifically, to the spot formed dermal segments, to wrinkled and sluggish segments for deeper coverage application goes on over the entire dermal region by injection. In following special cream supporting the therapy season ends up.

When the Outcomes of AquaShine Therapy Are Provided? Even in one season support we capture expected effect. But over the extremely depleted and needed invigoration skins 2 and 4 seasonal applications may be useful. None of the adverse effects in that therapy emerges.

Does AquaShine treatment lead to any adverse effects?As well as none adverse effects in that therapy is experienced, due injection-based delivery inflammations, purpling, mild edema as sporadic adverse effects are expectable. These outcomes vanish at maximum in several days. Prospectively, our skin reverberates the useful outcomes related to the therapy.

What are the necessary application following AquaShine therapy? Following the therapy, during 24 hours our face is prohibited from soaking. After the therapy, we hesitate to apply make up products for at least 4 hours. Additionally, a patient may keep up social life from the withdrawn part. Eventually, via AquaShine therapy’s Aqua section while our skin is humidified, by Shine portion our skin earns much brighter form. Upon the completion of that therapy our skin appears much more healthy.

EXPRESS rejuvenating bioremodulation procedure with prolonged effects!
With CAREGEN new generation internationally recognized bio-reparation products
Revofil AQUASHINE Classic, Bright, Btx

What is bio-reparation?
Bio-reparation is a result of the bio-revitalization evolution. This is a new skin revitalisation procedure with hyaluronic acid and a complex of skin rejuvenation components, which deeply moisturise the skin, reduce wrinkles, improve the elasticity of the skin, promote skin cell renewal, stimulate the synthesis of hyaluronic acid and collagen, and address increased skin pigmentation.

How does AQUASHINE work?
Revofil Aquashine Classic – glowing and healthy skin. This is a new skin revitalisation product with non-crosslinked hyaluronic acid and a skin rejuvenation complex. Advantages of active ingredients are – intensive moisturising and increased elasticity of the skin.

Revofil Aquashine Bright – this is a rejuvenating, anti-pigment product, which contains bio-active components: hyaluronic acid, multivitamins and amino acids. These components reduce wrinkles, shrink pores, reduce pigmentation and stimulate the renewal of skin cells.

Revofil Aquashine Btx – facial lift, wrinkle relaxation, botulinum toxin prolongation without toxins. Innovative injections contain up to 7 biomimetic peptides – an active complex of rejuvenation and non-crosslinked intense moisturizing, firming, and elasticity. Anti-age effect.

Advantages of the AQUASHINE procedure:-Visible facial rejuvenation rapid – skin lifting without plastic surgery being required;
-Longer-lasting skin glow – elastic, glowing and soft skin;
-Overall lifting effect for the skin of the face, reduction of wrinkles, restoration of a consistent face colour.

What are the results of the procedure?

SHINE effect:
-The face shines during the first weeks after the procedure;
-Deeply moisturises the skin (purified hyaluronic acid);
-Normalises sebum secretion;
-Shrinks the pores and reduces rashes.

PUSH-UP effect:
-Intensive skin lifting, restoration of skin’s elasticity and firmness;
-Normalises sebum production;
-Smooths the skin;
-Addresses increased skin pigmentation.

ANTI-AGE effect:
-Intensive skin lifting and rejuvenation;
-Restores healthy skin colour;
-Reduces the symptoms of Pityriasis rosea and strengthens the walls of the blood vessels;
-Improves microcirculation; Smooths out fine wrinkles;
-Neutralises free radicals.

Aquashine Classic
Intensive bio-lifting, stimulation of collagen synthesis and restoration of optimal collagen levels;
The deep revitalisation, renewal of dermal layers;
Restoration of healthy skin colour – glowing effect.

Aquashine Bright
Brightening effect reduces the synthesis of melanin and regulates the activity of tyrosinase;
Intensive revitalisation and bio-lifting, strengthening of blood vessels;
The skin glows from the inside out.

Aquashine BtxProlongation of botulinum toxin effect;
Intense revitalization and bio lifting, wrinkle relaxation;
Deep skin irrigation, saturation with hyaluronic acid;
Skin stiffening.

How many procedures do you need?
Intensive therapy:
4-6 procedures, the treatment is carried out once every 2 weeks; Regular therapy: 3-4 procedures, the treatment is carried out once every 3-4 weeks; Combined therapy: all Aquashine products can be combined in various ways to achieve the most effective result, alternately once every 2 weeks.
A unique composition: 56 active ingredients, purified hyaluronic acid, 4 biomimetic peptides: 4 biomimetic peptides – stimulate the renewal of skin cells, reduce wrinkles, addresses increased skin pigmentation, have an anti-ageing effect. Peptides actively strength the skin, improve its elasticity, stimulate the synthesis of hyaluronic acid and collagen. 1,5 % hyaluronic acid: deeply moisturises the skin. 24 amino acids: alanine, arginine, glycine, taurine, etc. (the main protein-building materials). 14 vitamins: А, В6, Е, В1, В7, В8, В2, К, В3, В12, В9, В5, С (stimulating, antioxidant and regulating effects). 8 coenzymes and minerals: CaCl2, MgSO4, coenzyme A and others protect the skin from harmful environmental factors, keep the skin in a balanced condition and restore the activity of enzyme systems.

Revolutionary breakthrough in ANTI–AGEING therapy
Revitalisation + bio-lifting + shine = AQUASHINE


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